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Welcome! The Jungle Joel Videos website is the online home of videos produced by myself – web video producer/film maker Jungle Joel. My videos are mostly travel related, though I also have quite a few science videos here, as well. All of the videos on this website, whatever the subject, are the work of myself – working either alone, or with friends. If you link to, embed, download, or otherwise use any of my videos, please include a credit and link back on your website, channel, etc. You can say something simple like, “credit, Jungle Joel Videos” – and have it hyper-linked back to this channel: www.junglejoel.com.

You may also see some of my videos on other websites, including: YouTube, BlipTV, Vimeo – or embedded on other blogs and websites. However, there is no central location that has all of my videos – I’ve been posting videos online since 2007, and I don’t even know how many I have. Trust me, it’s a lot! Videos posted here, may or may not be posted on other websites or channels, and may or may not be the same version of the video (due to my re-editing).

The videos on this website are broken up into categories and sub-categories – which you can access using the navigation bar, or by clicking on one of the images below:


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